I must admit I've had to use the password recovery utility on several different online services a dozen times – a tricky situation you can easily avoid with Sisma.

Sisma is a handy password manager that you can use to store your login information for all those password-protected services you use on a daily basis: email, FTP servers, user accounts, online banking, and more. Thanks to Sisma, you can have this data conveniently organized in different groups and protected by one single master password.

Besides storing your passwords, Sisma can also help you improve your security by providing you with highly secure passwords – thanks to a built-in generator – and setting an expiration date for your passwords – to make sure you change them from time to time.

Sisma is efficient, easy to use and does what it says on the tin. On the downside, it doesn't feature as many personalization options as other password managers.

With Sisma you'll be using better, safer passwords, and you won't lose any of them ever again.

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